What is PM Certified?

PM Certified is the new property management certification designed by Virginia REALTORS®. The certification offers education specific to Virginia property managers. The goal of the program is to increase members’ confidence and knowledge of the VRLTA while offering exceptional service and support to their clients, landlords and tenants, etc. PM Certified will also provide a higher standard of business acumen and source of the source for property managers.

Who can take these courses?

An attendee must be a REALTOR® member. These courses are designed for Virginia REALTOR® members with 1-3 years of property management experience. But all Virginia REALTOR® members with an interest in property management are welcome to attend the courses.

When and where are the courses offered?

Each course will be offered at least a year at the Virginia REALTORS® headquarters in Glen Allen, VA or at a Virginia REALTORS® event. Course dates and locations will be available on the PM Certified calendar located on the Virginia REALTORS® webpage. We currently are hosting one to two courses each month at the Virginia REALTORS® headquarters in Glen Allen.

How many courses are required to complete the certification?

There are 8 required courses in the certification totaling about 38 hours of content.

Will these courses be approved for continuing education credit?

Yes, seven out of eight courses will be submitted to DPOR to be approved for continuing education credit.

Do the courses need to be taken in order?

A student can take the courses in any order, but we would encourage them to start with Residential Property Management 101 as it includes foundational knowledge for the rest of the coursework.

How does a student graduate from the program?

A student will need to complete all 8 classes within three years and certify that they have at least one year of property management experience or 10 management agreements. A student will fill out an application and submit to Virginia REALTORS® for review and processing.

Will there be an exam after the PM Certified courses?
Yes, most classes will include an online exam at the end of the course. Please bring your own electronic device (smartphone, laptop, or tablet) so you can participate in the exam. Instructions for the exam will be given during the testing period. You will be given two chances to take and pass the exam. You will need to pass the exam in order to receive credit for the course.
How can a member maintain their certification?
In order to maintain the PM Certified certification, a member must attend and complete an annual Virginia REALTORS® PMX Spring Update.